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Reduce programming time and find new ways to repurpose your robot

Jennifer Sewell Marketing Director / Apr 7th, 2020
Vention X Flexxbotics reduce programming time and find new ways to repurpose your robot

In ever-changing shopfloors, mobile robot bases are becoming the standard means to deploy collaborative robots. In machine tending applications, they enable one robot to sequentially tend to multiple machines based on the current production needs. Recalibration across varying workstations then becomes an ongoing concern for operators.

Recalibration of existing robot programs can result in an increase in operating costs. Manual adjustments of robot paths lead to increased setup times, and therefore reduces productivity and ROI.

Redeploying your Vention mobile base for multiple applications

The Flexx Reference relative programming solution allows you to quickly and easily redeploy your Vention mobile base for Universal Robots for multiple applications. Examples of typical applications include machine tending for CNC and injection molding, as well as pick & place assembly. Flexxbotics delivers precisely machined reference points to seamlessly deploy and redeploy a Vention mobile robot base. Browse through the design library for examples of mobile robot bases.

Four steps to calibrate your Vention mobile base

Step 1: Secure the Vention mobile base to the front of your machine. Locating pins and leveling caster wheels are typically used for use cases like this.

Vention castor wheels Vention locating-pins

Step 2: Secure the Flexxreference Interface Block to the machine you wish to tend with your robot. Ideally, the block should be mounted directly on the body of the machine frame to ensure reliable positioning overtime.

Vention X Flexxbotics flexxreference installation

Step 3: Mate the robot interface to the Flexxreference Interface Block. All future instructions to the robot will be made in reference to this point.

Vention X Flexxbotics step 3

Step 4: When the Vention mobile base is repositioned to a given machine, mate the robot interface back to the Flexxreference Interface Block and reset the reference point through the URCap.

Vention X Flexxbotics step 4

Reduce programming time and deploy your Vention mobile base for Universal Robots across multiple applications, with the Flexx Reference relative programming solution. Get started today!

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