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Fighting COVID-19: Helping manufacturers of medical supplies scale-up production

With the strength of 100 engineers, we are committed to helping companies that are providing medical supplies swiftly ramp up production, as well as support those who want to retool their facilities to contribute to this nation-wide initiative. This is our pledge to support the fight against COVID-19.

Etienne Lacroix CEO & Founder / Mar 23rd, 2020

The Canadian Government is asking all manufacturers of medical supplies for help. If you are a medical supply manufacturer who needs to scale up production or retool your production line, our team will provide design, next-day shipping, and commissioning support at your facility. Our goal is to get you up and running faster and we will not charge for this.

Less than 10 days ago, the COVID-19 pandemic took flight in North America, following the human tragedy that took place in Europe and Asia. For our clients and for us, this is uncharted territory and we are relying on new information as well as nation-wide support to help strengthen our response. Our guiding principles throughout this difficult time will focus on three themes: (1) Ensuring employee safety,(2) supporting our clients, and (3) keeping our business running.

As of today, none of Vention’s employees have been directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19. Despite our recently enacted company policy on COVID-19 (see our action plan below) and strict adherence to regulations implemented by national and local authorities, we understand that the probability of contracting the virus is real. While writing this post, COVID-19 cases are increasing by 20% per day in Canada and it is still too early to evaluate if the confinement measures that took place 10 days ago will help inflect the curve.

In this context, we are exploring additional ways that we, as a Canadian organization, can help flatten the curve. Every organization, institution and company brings different expertise to their communities and we know that our best chance to have a meaningful impact against COVID-19 is to build on our expertise. Since inception, Vention has helped late aircraft programs recover their production schedule. We’ve helped electric car manufacturers meet intense ramp-up schedules, and supported numerous robotic start-ups launch their product in a fraction of the time. One of our key strengths is our ability to design and deploy industrial equipment in just a few days, and it’s a skill that can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.

Therefore, if you are a medical supply manufacturer that is joining the Canadian effort to fight COVID-19, we can bring strong expertise to your effort. Our pledge is to:

  • Fast track your production ramp-up or manufacturing floor reconfiguration project with our team of Application Engineers. Most projects can be done in 24-48hrs.
  • Provide next day shipping for any production equipment geared towards medical supplies for COVID-19.
  • Work alongside your team to commission the equipment. Most projects can be commissioned in a few days.
  • Manage all administrative items (i.e., account creation, terms and condition), only when the equipment is running in your facility.

We will not charge for these services, our only goal is to get you up and running faster. If this can help make a difference for you, please contact us at

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