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New Measurement Tool Features Available in MachineBuilder

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 16th, 2019

Our MachineBuilder measurement tool now features more robust options. We’ve improved our main face-to-face measurements and added two new options: point-to-point, and edge. Here’s how you can use each option to take your build experience to the next level.


Vention My Team Design Tree

This one is straightforward: face-to-face lets you measure the distance between two faces. Now you can see these measurements faster than ever before, because measurements are automatically displayed when you hover over one of two parallel faces.


Vention Point-to-point Measurment

With the new point-to-point option, you can measure the distance from a selected part to anywhere else in your design. For any part, simply select a face (top, bottom, or any side). The tool will automatically create a point on that face and allow you to measure the distance from that point to any other point in the design space. This is an excellent option when there are no parallel faces and you need to make a more arbitrary measurement.


Vention Edge Measurment

Edge is an exciting new option that quickly generates the edge length of any part. This is great for measuring individual parts of your design.

Other enhancements
We’ve also improved the tool’s usability. Now when you use the measurement tool, you can automatically return to your design functionalities without needing to toggle the tool off. Plus, all your measurements will remain visible on your design until you’re done with them (they can be deleted manually).

Give the measurement tool a try in your own design on MachineBuilder today.

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