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Expanding the part library: doors, leveling feet, material handling, safety cables, and robot plates

Louis Malo Hardware Engineering Manager / Feb 5th, 2020

We’ve expanded our hardware library, adding several parts that complement machines designed on the platform. The latest part release focuses on safety cables, doors, machine feet, material handling equipment, and robot plates. As with all Vention parts, these components are compatible with the entire Vention library and can be mounted using a standard M8 bolt.

Heavy-Duty Levelling Foot

Vention offers a variety of industrial-level leveling feet to improve the stability of robot bases and automation equipment.The new M14 x 66 mm leveling foot with a 120-mm pad is made for precise alignment of linear axes on heavy automated equipment. These leveling feet can support loads up to 1,100 kg. With a stud made of zinc-plated steel and pad made of die-cast zinc, this foot is robust and suitable for industrial environments. The foot base also has two 9-mm holes for optional floor mounting and comes with a removable anti-slip plate. Try the Leveling Foot in MachineBuilder.

Heavy Duty Level Foot

Ball Transfer

Vention's new stud-mounted ball transfer attaches directly to extrusions and tooling plates, and requires no additional tools. Ball transfers can be arranged in “beds” at the start or end of conveyors, enabling packages to be rotated when necessary. These ball transfers support a dynamic load capacity of 50 kg each. Try Ball Transfers in MachineBuilder

Ball Transfer

Safety Device Cable

This 3-meter cable connects safety devices with the MachineMotion controller. Connect any device that uses a 4-pin M12 connection, such as the safety interlock, safety device expander, or emergency stop switch. Try Safety Device Cables in MachineBuilder.

Safety Device Cable

Spring-Loaded Grab Catch

Get an extra degree of force with Vention’s new spring-loaded grab catch. The new aluminum grab latch, which features two spring-loaded balls, securely holds the door in position and can be mounted in a variety of orientations.Try Spring-Loadded Grab Catch in MachineBuilder.

Vention conveyor inspection and sortig application

Mecademic Robot Mounting Plate

Vention's Meca500 mounting plates enable fast and easy installation of a Mecademic Meca500 robot in any custom assembly. Locating pins enable repeatable robot installation.The outer dimensions of these plates are 133 mm x 133 mm.Try the Mecademic Robot Mounting Plate in MachineBuilder.

Vention conveyor palletizer

Can’t find a part in our library? Contact us to suggest a new one! Be sure to consult our hardware architecture guidelines to evaluate the compatibility of your part before you submit it to our library.

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