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MachineMotion 1.1 is Here! Now Incorporating Greater Safety, Teach Pendant Connectivity, and Motor Brake Support

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 23rd, 2019

MachineMotion was introduced in 2017 with the intent to provide an “integration-free” experience to motion control for industrial systems. The plug-and-play controller has continued to benefit from hardware and software development investment at Vention.

From an initial Python-only SDK, MachineMotion has evolved to support URCaps (when paired with Universal Robots cobots) and MachineLogic (when programmed online from the Vention website in a code-free environment).

Today we are pleased to announce a long-awaited upgrade. MachineMotion 1.1 includes several changes, enabling a much larger spectrum of use cases than initially possible.

Here’s what’s new to Version 1.1:

Vention teach pendant connectivity
MachineMotion 1.1 is intended to work hand-in-hand with Vention’s rugged touchscreen interface, the MachineMotion Pendant. This pendant provides an alternative to connecting a laptop computer to the controller, which is convenient in an industrial environment. Equipped with the pendant, a MachineMotion user can perform the following tasks from connecting to the pendant-specific input:

  • Program and edit motion sequences using MachineLogic
  • Launch both MachineLogic and Python applications from the Operator Mode
  • Configure and test each actuator and sensor in Manual Mode
Vention MachineMotion 1.1

Safety input and output
The default MachineMotion 1.1 setup has one safety input and output for interfacing with other safety devices. These security ports are located on the MachineMotion controller’s security panel, next to the e-stop. These ports allow MachineMotion to be included in more complex equipment topologies where multiple machines are combined in a robot cell and safety is a top concern.

The safety input allows MachineMotion to follow the safety condition driven from an external safety device. The safety output allows MachineMotion to propagate its own safety condition to other devices.

In addition, Vention’s pendant and e-stop module can be connected to the pendant port, enabling an additional e-stop access point remotely located from the controller.

Vention MachineMotion 1.1 Safety

Vention motor power-off brakes
Vention is pleased to announce the introduction of Vention motor power-off brakes supported by the latest MachineMotion 1.1 controller. These brakes are used to secure and stop axis movement on power-down and emergency stop conditions. The new Vention brakes are especially useful for vertical axes, where they prevent payloads from falling unexpectedly in power-down conditions. Three Vention motor power-off brakes can be connected to the AUX ports of the MachineMotion controller.

Vention pneumatic ecosystem
The wait for Vention pneumatic solutions is finally over, thanks to the new MachineMotion v1.1 and the latest Vention IO expander. MachineMotion V1.1 can now support up to 12 pneumatic controls using an IO expander module connected to the AUX ports. The simplified pneumatic control adds to our pre-existing linear and rotary actuators and enables customers to build more complex machines from Vention’s online 3D CAD environment.

For more information on the MachineMotion 1.1 Controller, check out our technical datasheet.

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