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MachineBuilder 3.0: Create, Collaborate and Customize on the Simplest CAD for Industrial Machines

We’re proud to unveil the next generation of MachineBuilder. Discover all that MachineBuilder 3.0 has to offer, including new features and an enhanced user experience developed with you in mind.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 30th, 2019

MachineBuilder was unveiled in 2016 as one of the core building blocks of what Vention is today. Three years later, we are proud to announce the arrival of the next generation of the simplest CAD platform for machine design: introducing MachineBuilder 3.0.

Key features available now on the platform will take your design process to another level.

Parts browser and parts recommendation
Browse for parts in a sleek new layout with intuitive design categories. We’ve added sections like Partner Parts, Your Parts, and Public Parts to let you explore a wider variety of plug-and-play components than ever before. To further simplify the build process, consult the new and improved parts recommendation window for quick access to AI-generated suggestions of components you might want to include in your design. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Smart Design and turn on automatic part suggestion.

Navigation compass
The new navigation compass appears in your design view to provide quick access to one-click orientation, translation, and rotation options.

Fasteners in the design tree display mode
Aside from displaying all your parts, the design tree display mode now automatically generates a display of all the fasteners that correspond to connected parts in your design. You can also search for specific parts in your design, rename parts, group parts, and access key documents.

Vention MachineMotion 3.0 Features

Measurement tool
Our enhanced measurement tool now features more robust options. In addition to our improved face-to-face measurements, we’ve added point-to-point clickability for more arbitrary measurements, as well as an edge measurement tool to quickly size up individual parts of your design.

Point-to-point connector
Our newly integrated point-to-point connector lets you define your own connection point for any part. Simply click the manual constraint icon, click to select a connection point on each of any two parts, and watch them automatically snap together and mount themselves on your design.

Help menu
We’ve revamped our help menu to help you stay up to date with the latest updates and make the most of the platform with various tips and tricks. You can now navigate between shortcuts in CAD tutorials, video guides, and technical documents.

Inspired to design? Head over to MachineBuilder and start building your machine.

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