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Machine of the Month: How a Robot Cell Became a Test Kitchen for YPC Technologies

This month, we visited YPC Technologies’ test kitchen to see their cobot chef at work. See how Vention’s modular design made this project possible.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jun 27th, 2019

For June’s Machine of the Month feature, we met with Dr. Gunnar Grass, CEO and co-founder of Montreal-based food robotics startup YPC Technologies, to learn more about the robot cell they developed for their robot kitchen.

Gunnar and his team sought out Vention because they were unable to find an off-the-shelf solution that met their needs. With Vention’s MachineBuilder platform, they were able to design a custom cell online, and they no longer needed to source components from suppliers (which had been slowing down their whole development process).

Our Application Engineering team provided hands-on support throughout the design process. Thanks to our modular design components, YPC Technologies was able to include key design features including sliding panels and seamless integration of their cobot with our URCap.

Take a closer look at how this process came about and see their cobot in action—as it prepares not just one, but three gourmet meals simultaneously—below.

Bringing the cell from development to assembly only took three days. In that time, YPC Technologies created the foundation for an evolving prototype that has progressed into the perfect safety enclosure.

Got your own custom build design in mind? Try MachineBuilder today for an intuitive and collaborative design experience.

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