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Machine of the Month: Wilder Systems' Agile Manufacturing Robot Test Fixture

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Dec 5th, 2019
Vention Wilder Systems

The company

Wilder Systems is expanding the range of feasible robotic applications by introducing collaborative, multi-functional robots as a service to aerospace manufacturing. Over the years, the company has developed expertise in robot-based drilling and riveting applications.

The challenge

To increase production quality and worker safety by automating manual drilling operations, while making minimal changes to the existing manual process.

The solution

Wilder Systems decided to build the automated process around the existing manufacturing equipment, including the existing holding fixture. The final design used Vention’s 90x90mm Aluminum Extrusions, and combined with our 90 Degree and Tee Joint Aluminum Assembly Plates to maintain the frame's rigidity and provide added structural integrity.

Project at a glance
Category Drilling fixture for robotic applications
Complexity Level 1
Type Brownfield
Dimensions 3.195 m (w) by 3.029 m (h) by 3.149 m (l)
Weight 162.3 kgs
Cost (USD) $3,593.37
Design time 2 hours
Assembly time 7.3 hours
Commissioning 12 hours
Robot Yaskawa GP35L
End-of-arm tooling Drill

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