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Machine of the Month: This Climbing Startup Is Getting to Market Faster

The Machine of the Month for September comes from ClimbLing who used Vention to design a traveling climbing wall for their innovative product. Learn more about their experience.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / Sep 27th, 2018


ClimbLing is an interactive climbing system that uses touch-sensitive handholds to provide feedback on climbers’ performances.


When the ClimbLing team decided to take their new product on the road to tradeshows and expositions, they began their search for the perfect custom climbing wall. The wall had to be rigid enough to allow for a full demo of their product, while still being easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. Two team members, Marco and Stefano, faced the daunting task of finding such a wall. But once they got started with the Vention platform, they were blown away by how quick and easy it was to use.


What really sealed the deal was being able to order plastic panels in just the right size for their design. Vention’s MachineBuilder lets users automatically create plastic panels based on the designed structure. Those panels are then digitally manufactured within 48 hours and shipped with the rest of the Vention order. For ClimbLing, Vention was the one platform that transformed a potentially frustrating engineering project into a simple self-serve online experience.






At Vention, we love working with startups. Pre-revenue companies are always looking to shorten their time-to-market and save precious months of cash consumption. Hardware startups face an extra challenge: production often requires custom equipment, and this equipment can have lead times of several months! This is where we come into play, helping startups shrink this delay to just a few days.



About ClimbLing


ClimbLing was founded in 2017 and is based in Italy. ClimbLing produces translucent touch-sensitive handholds equipped with LED lights and sensors. Climbers activate the wall through a tablet. While they climb, the ClimbLing software traces their movements, the time between each step, and how long they take to complete the route. This innovative system is the perfect complement to standard climbing walls, delivering new ways to challenge yourself while enjoying the indoor climbing experience. Want to learn more about ClimbLing? Check out their new website here 


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