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Machine of the month: Sogefi Group’s infrared plastic welding machine for automotive parts

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Oct 31st, 2019

For October’s Machine of the Month we caught up with Anthony Milks, manufacturing project manager at Sogefi Air & Cooling Canada. Located in Montreal, Sogefi specializes in molding and welding high-tech plastic automotive parts for OEMs like Ford, Mercury Marine, and GM.

Anthony and the manufacturing team needed to design, assemble, and program an automated infrared welding machine in under seven weeks. The custom equipment had to include a structure that could incorporate three independent linear actuators and house a heating system used in the welding process. They also needed the machine to have high precision and repeatability, and be easy to adjust to specific motion parameters and positions. With these requirements, they began designing their machine on our cloud-based CAD, MachineBuilder.

MachineBuilder’s ease-of-use streamlined the design and initial quote phase to just one week. The team also had access to Vention’s application engineers at all times, which shortened the validation phase and gave them the confidence to place an order as soon as possible.

Once the frame and actuators were assembled, the use of a MachineMotion Pendant greatly simplified the commissioning and programming phase. The MachineMotion pendant allowed the Sofegi engineers to write and deploy their automation sequence using MachineLogic, our intuitive visual Sequence Editor, which requires virtually no programming knowledge. Finally, a digital IO module tied it all together for easy integration with the heating system.

Vention MachineBuilder Sogefi Group’s infrared plastic welding machine for automotive parts

From start to finish, Vention supported the manufacturing team to ensure they were able to meet their timeline and deliver a successful project. See for yourself and start building your own design on MachineBuilder today.

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