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Machine of the Month: A closer look at Robotiq’s 7th Axis Palletizer

This month, we stopped by Robotiq to learn more about their 7th axis palletizer. Robotiq had a challenging deadline to meet and a need to integrate seamlessly a Vention range extender and a UR cobot. See how it was made possible.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / May 30th, 2019

For May’s Machine of the Month feature, we sat down with Mathieu Bélanger-Barette, an application engineer from Robotiq. Robotiq is a world-class developer of end effectors for collaborative robots. In more simple terms, they produce the “hands” of collaborative robots. They are an impressive company that has and continues to play an important role in the rapid adoption of collaborative robots across the world.

We visited Robotiq at their headquarters located just outside Quebec City. Their modern office combines intelligently production areas, offices, and living spaces to make it a fantastic place to work. A proud and long-term partner of Vention, Robotiq has leveraged the Vention platform as much as anyone by developing a number of workstations and workbenches, robot stands and quality insurance machines; all adding hints of our signature Vention blue throughout their entire office.

Robotiq's headquarters leverage numerous Vention equipments

For this new project, Robotiq wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of their vacuum grippers with a palletizing application. As is often the case when innovating, their deadline was extremely tight to produce a machine in time for Automation 2019, an important trade-show in their industry where they were hoping to showcase their new products.

Mathieu and our team of Application Engineers collaborated to rapidly develop a vertical range extender equipped with our URCap. This allowed for seamless integration between the Vention 7th-axis equipment, the UR collaborative robot, and Robotiq’s vacuum gripper. The entire automation could then be controlled from UR’s pendant. Watch the quick video below to see it in action.


Here is how Vention made this all possible:

  • Robotiq provided a design guideline including a small selection of designs pulled from our public designs library that they believed could meet their requirements.
  • Our Application Engineering Team provided complimentary services to modify and create the customized design meeting exact specs within a couple of days.
  • A Vention certified system integrator pre-assembled the machine, at the Vention warehouse, prior to shipment.
  • Upon reception, the Robotiq team simply mounted the UR cobot on the Vention machine, and loaded the URCap into the UR teach pendant.

With the total time from idea to assembly taking only 2 days, the Robotiq team was able to devote the remainder of their time to program and calibrate their new palletizer to easily meet their deadline.

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