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Machine of the Month: Grupo Kopar’s Custom Epson Range Extender

This month we spoke with Grupo Kopar to learn more about the Epson Range Extender they built by customizing one of our publicly available designs, and how they integrated it with a MachineMotion controller.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 31st, 2019

For July’s Machine of the Month feature, we spoke with Noé Martinez, product manager at Grupo Kopar, to learn about the custom Epson Range Extender he and his team developed and unveiled at Expo Pack in Guadalajara, Mexico in June.

As a leading industrial automation and robotics solutions provider in Mexico and Central America, Grupo Kopar’s team was looking to create a seventh axis for their VT6L Epson Robot to showcase to customers. With just a few weeks left before Expo Pack, a key trade show in their industry, the team needed to find a quick solution that they could begin working on fast.

Thanks to Vention’s extensive public design library, the team at Grupo Kopar were able to find a variety of design solutions that were available for customization and ready to ship.

Working directly on the MachineBuilder platform with the support of a Vention application engineer, Martinez and his team were able to make all the key structural changes required to accommodate the Epson Range Extender. They were also able to integrate the Epson’s controller with Vention’s MachineMotion controller via Vention’s Python API, something they accomplished in under 24 hours.

Take a look at their machine in action—the star of their booth at last month’s event!

Grupo Kopar Epson Range Extender

Eager to customize your own design? Head over to our public design library and give MachineBuilder a try.

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