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Empowering the Front Line

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Nov 29th, 2018

Let's take a closer look at Vention’s own operations team. These custom packaging workstations were designed and built to ship Vention's assemblies all across the world.

Vention was built on the principle of democratization and putting the power of machine design in the hands of the front lines, whether they are engineer, maintenance manager, lean manufacturing practitioners or warehouse associate conducting continuous improvement.

As with any start-up, Vention’s needs have rapidly changed as we have grown. When our operations team looked to redesign more efficient packing stations to support increase volume of orders, they turned to our very own MachineBuilder and modular hardware system.

After creating some initial designs, the design was refined by the front-line team that use these stations every day. They were able work together in the collaborative 3D environment and developed a completely custom workstation.

Some unique elements of Vention's packaging stations include;

  • Worksurface made of white HDPE providing high visual contrast with part being packaged
  • Sunken scale for ergonomic movements when weighing boxes
  • Liftable arm to make replacement of packaging and paper rolls easy
  • Custom box segmentation based on Vention’s standard box sizes
  • Modular design that can be adapted as Vention continues to grow

I do not have a lot of experience using a CAD platform but I know our software team work hard to make sure that the MachineBuilder is easy to use. I found the experience really intuitive and appreciated the ability to involve my team in the development process” – Simon Turcotte-Plamondon, Fulfillment Manager

Have your own front-line operations or manufacturing project? Try the MachineBuilder 3D today for an intuitive and collaborative design experience..

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