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Foothill Industries Custom Textile Cutting Machine

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Aug 29th, 2018



Foothills Industries was recently in the market for a custom piece of automated equipment for their medical drape cutting department, but were having difficulties finding an engineering firm that would be able to deliver the equipment they needed. They decided to take the project “in-house” and Stephen Galle, Foothills’ Maintenance Technician, was tasked with designing and commissioning the project. Given his extensive experience with this type of equipment, Stephen realized the complexity his project. 


As he began searching online for solutions to make his project a success, he was encouraged when he came across Vention and quickly signed up for our free CAD design software. After a quick demo from our team, Stephen got started designing in the MachineBuilder™ and shared with us:

"I can assure you that using Vention's MachineBuilder Software is easy to learn and can be invaluable to you if you are also faced with building machinery." 



After ordering his machine directly from his browser, Foothills Industries’ newly designed cutting machine was delivered on-schedule and Stephen was pleased with the quality, fit, and finish of the machine. He found the assembly of the frame was easy having already "built" it in Vention's MachineBuilder platform when working on his design.




The team at Foothills Industries were amazed by “how beautiful it is with Vention's signature blue color”The next step for Stephen and his team is to install Vention's plug and play MachineMotion™ controller for seamless automation of their equipment.


Foothills Industries is a manufacturing and service company in Western North Carolina who provide custom surgical drapes. They also have a unique social mission to provide employment and vocational services to adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Their motivation is to maximize independence and employment while providing quality products for customers.


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