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Machine of the Month: A Panel Saw Station That’s A Cut Above the Rest

The Machine of the Month for December comes from RTC Solutions, a Florida-based developer of digital controls for direct-fired gas heating equipment. The RTC team used Vention to design a cutting-edge saw station for honeycomb panels.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / Dec 26th, 2018

Since 2002, RTC Solutions has been designing digital control solutions for direct-fired gas heating equipment. Recently, the team was looking to develop an upright saw station for its honeycomb panels.

This was a unique project because the saw station had to let users cut honeycomb panels out of many types of materials, such as aluminum and plastic, and in varying sizes and thicknesses. And that’s not all: they also needed the workstation to cut panels both horizontally and vertically, depending on the application.

The RTC team turned to the Vention platform to engineer the new station. After several iterations, and with a little help from some Vention application specialists, RTC produced the ideal saw station.

The resulting design featured a carriage that could move from side to side as well as up and down, allowing employees to saw panels of up to 9 ft. long, 4 ft. wide, and 3.5 in. thick. (2.75 m x 1.25 m x 90 mm).

Thanks to Vention’s industrial parts, the saw station was not only rigid enough to offer better cutting precision but also robust enough for repetitive, heavy-duty cutting movements in a rugged production environment.

The team also created a pulley system featuring a counterweight and the saw itself, so workers wouldn’t have to continuously hold the cutting mechanism. In this way, the new saw station makes for a more ergonomic cutting process.

The RTC team was impressed with how easy it was to use the Vention platform, and with how its collaboration tools accelerated the overall development process. By making use of Vention’s readily available modular parts and the platform’s real-time display of equipment costs, RTC was able to design and deliver a cost-effective panel saw station in just a few weeks. Now that’s simplified machine design!

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