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Machine Control at Your Fingertips

Take a look at our MachineMotion Pendant, a new plug-and-play touchscreen interface that brings the same intuitive interface you find online directly to your shop floor.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jun 25th, 2019

We’re proud to present our new MachineMotion Pendant: a plug-and-play touchscreen interface for automated equipment powered by the MachineMotion controller. Now you can program, control, and monitor your machine through an intuitive code-free user interface.

The pendant features a 10.1-inch touchscreen, impact-resistant enclosure, rear mounting tabs compatible with UR’s eSeries Pendant Mount, and a comfortable hand strap. It also makes your system safer by ensuring an emergency stop button is always within the user’s reach.

Vention MachineMotion Pendant

Our pendant ships with preloaded firmware that assists you from day one, from setting up your machine and code-free programming of your system all the way to day-to-day machine operations.

Manual Mode lets you control each axis of your system individually. It’s the perfect tool during machine setup, because you can verify that each motor and endstop sensor is properly connected and configured. It also lets you read and write any digital signal connected to your IO Expander.

Access MachineLogic from the Pendant to create and edit code-free automation sequences—using the same familiar, intuitive interface as our cloud-based MachineBuilder 3D. You can also modify and run your MachineApps straight from the pendant anytime.

Select Application Launcher to run your applications, MachineApps, and python scripts from an operator’s point of view. Monitor the state of your application and pause, stop, or resume it all with a single touch. You can also select an application to launch automatically every time you boot up your system.

And coming soon, we’re adding even more features to help you set up your network of machines and manage operator and admin user privileges. For more information on the pendant, check out our technical data sheet.

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