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Introducing Vention Power-off Brakes, Powered by KEB

David MacHattie Junior Mechanical Engineer / Aug 20th, 2019

The Vention power-off brake is the go-to solution for stopping any of our actuators. The brake is designed to safely stop all of our actuators and loading possibilities in emergency situations. True to its name, the brake engages when in a power-off state, making it a key safety feature for vertical axis actuators where the brake halts the axis’s movement if power is lost or an e-stop event is triggered.

Vention power-off brake, powered by KEB

When using actuators that are back-driveable in vertical lifting operations, it’s important that loads are not dropped if the shop loses power or if an e-stop is pressed. The power-off brake ensures that in such events the actuator won’t budge.

The brake’s functionality is based on a combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet. When the machine is powered, the electromagnet cancels out the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and allows rotation to take place. When the brake is de-powered, the permanent magnet pulls the rotor into contact with the braking surface. The Vention Power-Off Brake is powered by KEB, an expert in the manufacturing of power-off brakes and failsafe brakes. Their brakes are used in a wide range of industries, from automation and motors to medical robot applications.

KEB Permanent Magnet Brake

KEB Permanent Magnet Brake

The brake’s housing is designed to fit seamlessly with any of our actuators and NEMA 34 motors. The brake has a NEMA 34 input and output, so it’s fully modular within the Vention ecosystem. The torque performance is enough to safely stop any of our actuators with any combination of motor. The only thing you need to remember when combining power train components is that the brake must be installed as the input to a gearbox—not the gearbox installed as the input to the brake. (That’s because the gearbox multiplies the torque by 5, so the gearbox could overpower the brake if it is installed on the gearbox output.)

Vention Power-off Brake

Vention Power-off Brake (MO-PT-002-0001)

The power-off brake is easily connected to MachineMotion via an 8-pin M12 connector. The brake comes with a 5-m cable and attaches to any of MachineMotion’s auxiliary ports. The brake is very efficient, providing 9 plus Nm of braking torque while only consuming 18 W of power. The output shaft can support extremely heavy loads of up to 200 kg at 25 mm from the flange, making it a perfect choice for any application.

We highly recommend adding the power-off brake in any application where you may be concerned with stopping inertial loads of vertical actuators. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team!

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