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Highlights from the Robotiq User Conference

Vention was thrilled to sponsor this year Robotiq User Conference and supply the 40 robot workstations used for their Workshop Challenge. Highlight included an amazing set-up, the launch of lean robotic and discussing strategy during the challenge.

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Sep 14th, 2017

First and foremost we wanted to thank the entire team at Robotiq for organizing such an exceptional event. Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious and made the entire conference what it was.

Setting Up 40 Robot Stations in One Day

It was great to work with the team at Robotiq to deploy 40 robots in less than 24 hours for their workshop challenge. The incredible team was able to assemble their Vention UR workstations in less than half the expected time.

Vention has been very focused on building a workflow that allows teams to go from ideation to working equipment in just days. This conference set-up, being quite impressive, was a thorough demonstration of “speed” and “ease of use” of Vention modular hardware. We are proud to have delivered this project in collaboration with a team like the one at Robotiq.

Lean Robotics

Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq, took the stage on Monday to detail the innovative "Lean Robotics" approach and its applications. With tools such as “Blueprints”, “Skills” or “Insights”, Robotiq is making sure all roboticists can Design, Integrate and Operate their process more efficiently.

You can get their book "Lean Robotics: A Guide To Making Robots Work In Your Factory" and read more on the Robotiq Blog.

Workshop Challenge

Walking around during the 24-hour workshop challenge, we were most impressed by the creativity and determination of the participants. Every team had a different approach to solving the challenge and were happy to tell us how they used the robots and equipment provided in unique ways. Some teams even worked through the night in order to get it right.

Congratulations to team #8 for being the first team to fully complete their assembly and also to team #4 for winning the challenge!

The Official RUC 2017 Robot Workstation

We got great feedback from the participants on the official workstations provided by Vention and have now published the design. Everyone can view, customize and order the workstation through the Vention MachineBuilder.

Checkout the design here!

Congratulations to the 5 winners who each received one of the workstations from the event, as gifted by Robotiq: Thomas Bopp from Axis New Jersey, Fieder Vogel from MS Electronics, Jorge Torres from i3, Tommy Caughey from Walt Machines and Kevin Matthews from Axis New York.

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