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Introducing the new heavy-duty rotary actuator

Vivian Cheung Product Manager / May 5th, 2020

The heavy-duty rotary actuator is the latest addition to the modular automation product line. It is designed for bigger tasks that require high torque and high angular precision. To support the new industry-grade actuator, we have also designed a non-driven turntable. This turntable can be used in parallel with our rotary actuator, acting as the driven side of a rotary jig.

The rotary actuator includes a concealed 10:1 flanged gearbox between two Vention compatible plates. The bottom mounting allows for any combination of Vention’s NEMA 34 stepper motors. With a reduction of 10:1 on the actuators, multiple levels of torque can be achieved. The bottom plate also features mounting holes that interface perfectly with Vention extrusions. The top plate has multiple countersunk and threaded holes for all your mounting needs.

Heavy duty rotary actuator

With modularity in mind, the rotary actuator is compatible with other Vention parts, including the MachineMotion controller, motors, extrusions, tooling plates, and more. Combining Vention’s stepper motors, you can achieve torque values up to 90 Nm and a speed of 225 rpm. The rotary actuator can withstand up to 1100 N radial load and 1000 N axial load. The nominal backlash has been reduced to 13.8 arcmin. For more information, consult the datasheet.

Application using the new heavy-duty rotary actuator

Inspection station

Inspection systems allow users to complete multiple inspections with a single station, allowing accurate and repeatable results - even in areas that are difficult to access. Users can mount any end of arm tool (EOAT) to a conventional robot arm. Parts are placed on the rotation jig (platform) for inspection, where the cobot can perform a series of automated tasks; measure, inspect, scan, etc.

Vention mobile utility stands

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