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Earn Design Royalties

Professional designers can now earn for contributing to the Vention platform.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / Aug 13th, 2018


Professional designers can now earn for contributing to the Vention platform


We are extremely proud to release the design royalty feature, enabling designers, wherever they are located, to be compensated for designs they publish to the Vention public library.

This is a feature we had envisioned in the very early days of Vention as a way to share the success and benefits of the platform with all of our users. All of the underlying building blocks to enable the design royalty feature are now in place, and we are happy to finally make this announcement.  

This is how it works: You can earn royalties of 2.5% of the design value for every design that you publish on the Vention public assembly library that is then bought by another user. Royalties are deposited in the form of credit and can be seen on your profile section on the site.

This feature is meant to encourage users to publish their designs to the public library and to foster collaboration among the community. If you are interested in viewing existing designs, you can easily browse them here by using our existing categories, searching for keywords, and/or using our Design Tags (ie. hashtags).

We look forward to hearing from you on this feature. As always, you can reach us through the live chat or at


How-to Guide to Design Royalty

Step 1: Click your profile icon in the top right corner to access your “About Me” section. Navigate to the left menu bar and click “Earn Credit.”

Step 2: The details and terms regarding the royalty program can be accessed here. You may also click “START DESIGNING NOW” to access the MachineBuilder platform.

Step 3: Once you have completed your design in the MachineBuilder interface, click “PUBLISH” in the top right corner.

Steps 4-6: To ensure that other Vention users can find your designs, provide some information regarding your design and use Design Tags to help others find your design once published.

Terms and Conditions

  • To earn royalties, designs must be made public to the Vention community.
  • Royalty calculation applies to your design’s list price, before shipping and taxes.
  • To be eligible to earn credit, your designs cannot be a direct copy of an existing public design and must have at least 50% new design content.
  • Credit will be awarded for designs purchased with minor modifications, where no more than 30% of the parts in your design have been modified by the buyer.
  • Credit gained through royalties is unlimited and can be used to buy any equipment or parts available on the Vention platform.
  • Credit cannot be earned on designs purchased within the same organization or by an associated buyer of the organization.
  • Vention will void any royalties gained through fraudulent methods.

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