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Design Tips: Designing and simulating an inspection station on MachineBuilder

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Oct 22nd, 2019

Whether you’re new to MachineBuilder or a seasoned pro, it never hurts to brush up on your skills with a Vention expert. From customizing a range extender to building a conveyor system—and combining them in a single design like an inspection station—our team is here to help assist you throughout the design process.

Check out the recorded webinar below as Vivian walks you through designing and simulating an inspection station while sharing her own practical tips along the way:

  • Organizing your machine design into subsections
  • Adding and our electrical cylinders
  • How to include a digital IO module

To get in touch with an application engineer, reach out to our team through the Live Chat function at the bottom of your screen at any time.

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