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Choosing and Configuring your Modular Datum Locator for an Inspection Jig

Justin Mcleod Junior Mechanical Engineer / Aug 7th, 2019
Vention Inspection Jig Guide

This comprehensive guide will cover Vention’s modular datum locators and walk you through selecting the type of locator, datum end tip, and clamping that best suits your application.

Step 1: Selecting your locator

Designing your jig fixture begins with selecting your locator. We recommend different locators for different applications. If all you need is a simple Z-axis locator, Vention’s Height Locator (ST-SP-007-0008) will do the trick with up to 38mm of vertical displacement.

If minimal displacement is required to reach the perfect location, you might want to use Vention’s Eccentric Locator (ST-SP-007-0001). This locator features up to 26.5mm of vertical displacement, as well as polar displacement covering a full 360 degrees at radii between 30.5 mm and 49.5 mm.

Vention Locators

Height Locator (ST-SP-007-0008) and Eccentric Locator (ST-SP-007-0001)

If you need precise translational displacement in either the X- or Y-axis, we recommend Vention’s new Single Stage X Locator (ST-SP-013-0001) and Double Stage XY Locator (ST-SP-013-0006). The single stage version features 22.5 mm of translational displacement paired with a pitch of 0.8 mm per full turn, which means you can achieve a resolution of 0.1 mm by turning the displacement screw one eighth (⅛) of a turn.

Finally, if you need a complete XYZ locator, you can easily mount either the Height or Eccentric locators mentioned above onto each stage.

Vention Stage Locators

Single Stage X Locator (ST-SP-013-0001) and Double Stage XY Locator (ST-SP-013-0006)

Step 2: Selecting your datum end-tip

The next step is to select your datum end-tip. Once again, the type of datum selected depends on the application and the reference plane on the located part.

For components being located along the same XY plane as your selected locator, one of Vention’s Rest Buttons (HW-RP-001-0001 & HW-RP-001-0003) or Shoulder Rest Buttons (HW-RP-001-0005) will suffice. The outer diameter measures 16 mm for the Rest Buttons and 20 mm for the Shoulder Rest Buttons. The shoulder rest button also features an 8-mm shaft. Because these three datums each feature a flat surface, a plane is already established.

Vention Datum-Ends

Rest Button (HW-RP-001-0001, HW-RP-001-0003) and Shoulder Rest Button (HW-RP-001-0005)

For higher-accuracy applications that requires a datum for a surfacic part, we recommend Vention’s 12-mm and 20-mm Tooling Balls (HW-RP-001-0002 and HW-RP-001-0004). Tooling balls present a single point of contact, which means that two located points create a line, and three located points create a plane. Tooling balls can also be used as a reference point for your entire inspection jig.

Vention Tooling Balls

12-mm Tooling Ball (HW-RP-001-0002), 20-mm Tooling Ball (HW-RP-001-0004)

Step 3: Selecting your clamping

Finally, your located part can be clamped into place using Vention’s 63-mm or 125-mm Toggle Clamps (HW-CP-001-0001 & HW-CP-001-0002). Which one you should choose depends on the distance from your mounting point to the clamping point.

Vention Toggle Clamps

63-mm Toggle Clamp (HW-CP-001-0001), 125-mm Toggle Clamp (HW-CP-001-0002)

Mount the toggle clamps using Vention’s Mounting Plates (ST-SP-001-0001 and ST-SP-001-0002) or Toggle Clamp Mounting Bracket (ST-SP-007-0007). The latter can be mounted on the side of a Height Locator or Eccentric Locator, as well as on each stage of either the Single Stage X Locator or the Double Stage XY Locator.

Vention Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket (ST-SP-007-0007)

You now have a jig fixture ready for all your inspection needs. Vention’s line of modular jig fixture components provides endless possibilities for your applications. What will you build?

Modular Inspection Jig

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