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Brian McHugh is Vention’s new VP of Sales. Here’s why he joined.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Sep 24th, 2019

LEGO was my favorite toy growing up. When I was 7 years old, I wrote to Santa that I wanted nothing but LEGO for Christmas. I told him I would never stop wanting LEGO, and that therefore he could just use that letter for the following years as well—that’s how much I loved LEGO.

Brian McHugh, VP Sales, Vention

My parents assumed my love for LEGO would eventually go away. It didn’t. I couldn’t have known then that I’d end up working at Vention… but it’s a childhood dream come true!

I've been in the robot industry since 2001, and although many things have changed about the world since then (such as the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007), the way the industrial world works hasn’t changed for a long time. It still operates the way it always has: building customized machines to order with an expected delivery time of 9–12 months.

Given that our customers’ product life expectancy can now be as low as six months, the old way doesn’t work anymore. The Vention approach of selling pre-engineered products online answers a real need in the market for speedy delivery and an easy-to-use platform (like buying LEGO on Amazon). As our CMO likes to say, we bring a B-to-C approach to what is typically a B-to-B business.

The new demographic reality (retiring baby boomers) has left a gap in the industrial market—leaving it eager for automation. Companies are struggling to replace experienced workers and automation is the key solution for many of them.

We used to sell automation based on the 3D notion: as a way to replace dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. We now have a fourth D: demographics. The reality is that the industrial world needs a simpler, easier-to-use, quicker-to-deploy solution, and they need it now. Vention is that solution.

At Vention, we’re laying the groundwork for the way all industrial business will be done in the future, and that’s an incredible opportunity! I feel so privileged to be part of it—and the best part is, we have fun doing it.

As for how I got into this line of work: after studying mechanical engineering at Laval University, I got my first job as an application engineer supporting a sales team. But it wasn’t long before I was recruited onto the sales team itself.

I sold packaging and robot equipment at the same company for seven years, then moved to a similar role at an aerospace robot business. I spent the past three years there in a sales management position, overseeing a team of six salespeople and three application engineers. And then I joined Vention!

Finally, in my personal life I'm a family man: a dedicated husband and a father of three. To me, there’s nothing better than skiing with my family and enjoying a nice dinner with friends afterwards. I also love traveling and discovering the world.

So skiing, gathering with friends, and traveling are three joys that I hope to pass on to my children… along with (of course) playing with LEGO.

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