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Expanding the part library: pneumatics, wear strips & robot accessories

Louis Malo Hardware Engineering Manager / May 7th, 2020

Fuelled by user request and feedback, in the last couple of months we’ve expanded our modular hardware library. In line with our principle of simplicity, all parts are fully compatible with existing Vention parts and use our standard M8 fasteners and t-nuts. The latest part release focuses on pneumatics, wear strips, and robot accessories.

Epson Robot

The all-in-one standard table top SCARA Robot has a built-in controller and EPSON RC+ software. This compact robot is most commonly used for pick-and-place or assembly operations where speed and accuracy are required.

Try the Epson Robot in MachineBuilder.

Heavy Duty Level Foot

Vacuum generator

Equipped with suction cups the CobotPump is ideal for palletizing applications and/or flexible packaging machines with frequent format changes. Two suction cups are ideal for smaller work pieces, whereas 4-suction cups are recommended for larger boxes. Compatible with UR3, UR5 & UR10.

Try Vacuum Generator in MachineBuilder

Vacuum Generator

Angled Robot Base

Optimize robot reach with an angled robot base. Used in conjunction with a robot mounting plate, Vention's angled robot base gives you the flexibility to mount your robots at an angle or flat. Made of steel this robot base is rigid.

Try Angled robot base in MachineBuilder.

Angled Robot Base

Pneumatic Actuator Position Sensor

When confirmation of the pneumatic actuator position is needed, this position sensor can be easily installed into any groove of our pneumatic actuator. Accurately sense the magnetic field of the actuator piston when it passes beneath the sensor, allowing you to know its true position. When activated a red LED light will illuminate.

Try Pneumatic switch in MachineBuilder.

Pneumatic switch

Light Duty Door Hinge

The new light duty door hinge is ideal for small enclosures that do not require a heavy duty door, or to enable a rotation between Vention’s light duty extrusions. The aluminum body and delrin pin enable a smooth motion. It can hold a panel but is not built for high impact and load bearing applications.

Try the light duty door hinge in MachineBuilder.

Light duty door hinge


Used primarily for inspections, the acetal V-Block locator is a precision jig used to rest parts. It is ideal for pieces with irregular shapes, and for applications that need to accurately and consistently locate the datum. The v-block locates the edge of the work piece, providing a repeatable manner to locate that piece at all times.

Try the v-block in MachineBuilder.

Vblock testing jig

Wear Strip

Wear strips protect the equipment from wear by preventing direct contact with the extrusions. Available in grey and yellow, they are ideal for applications where there is movement on the extrusions - for example, conveyor guides and racking systems. The wear strips are easy to install, clipping directly into the T-slot.

Try Wear Strips in MachineBuilder.

wear strips

Cant find a part in our library? Contact us to suggest a new one! Be sure to consult our hardware architecture guidelines to evaluate the compatibility of your part before you submit it to our library.

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