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7th Axis Range Extenders for Universal Robots

Learn about our 7th Axis Range Extender family for Universal Robots

Marc-Andre Kyer Application Engineering Lead / Mar 22nd, 2019

7th axis range extenders are needed for robot cells to manage the inputs and outputs of various manufacturing equipment inside the robot cell.

Because every robot cell is unique, 7th axis range extenders must be customized. They can be horizontal or vertical, ceiling mounted or floor mounted, and full-size or compact. Some must be actuated with a ball screw, while others require a belt or rack and pinion.

Vention’s modular parts library and plug-and-play automation components enable an infinite variety of 7-axis configurations for every type of robot cell. We categorize 7-axis range extenders into six groups: full-size, compact, overhang, ceiling mounted, lift column, and palletizer.

Vention Range Extender for Universal Robots
The 7th Axis Range Extender Family for Universal Robots
Full Size Compact Overhang Ceiling Mounted Lift Column Palletizer
Range 405mm to 1980mm 405mm to 1980mm 405mm to 1980mm 405mm to 12,150mm (12 m) 360mm to 630mmm 405mm to 1350mm
Actuators Belt, Ball-screw, Rack & Pinion Belt, Ball-screw, Rack & Pinion Belt, Ball-screw, Rack & Pinion Belt and Rack & Pinion Ball-screw Ball-screw
Compatability ← UR3, UR5, UR10 →
Control MachineMotion controller with URCap for Linear Motion →

All our 7th axis range extenders are powered by the MachineMotion controller and controlled by Vention’s certified URCap for linear motion.

Ceiling-mounted 7th axis range extender

Full size 7th axis range extender

Need advice in selecting and configuring the proper 7-axis range extender for your robot cell? Contact us at 1-800-940-3617 or browse our 7th axis range extenders in our public design library.

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