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How to Choose Panel Materials for Your Project

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How to Choose Panel Materials for Your Project

Selecting the proper panel material for your application can be a daunting task, but it is crucial in determining the success or failure of the application.


Light-duty enclosure with sliding doors


When selecting panel materials, one has to choose between materials with many different properties, ranging from mechanical strength to heat, chemical or even electrical resistance. Therefore, being able to select the appropriate material for your application requires careful consideration of the application conditions and design constraints.


Know Your Application

The most important factors to know are:

  • Mechanical strength: How strong must the material be to withstand loads, stress and impact?
  • Temperature range: What are the minimum and maximum temperatures the material must withstand for prolonged or short periods of time?
  • Chemical strength: How inert must the material be when in contact with any potent chemical substances such as solvents, highly acidic or basic solutions, etc.?
  • Appearance: What color, surface roughness and how translucent or opaque should the material be?
  • Machinability: How should the material behave in machining operations and what is the required dimensional stability?

It is also important to consider specialized application constraints, which may require taking into account more exotic factors such as static electricity buildup, assembly strength/weight ratio, or load and friction bearing properties.

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Select Your Material

The following table includes Vention’s available range of panel materials that can be added directly to your 3D Vention design using the automatic panel creation feature and, unless otherwise stated, can be cut to custom dimensions.



The graph below provides information on available solid panels with respect to their performance on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent), for the primary material properties.



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