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Accelerate Your Design-To-Build Workflow with “Design Review”

As Vention continues to integrate additional parts to our library on a monthly basis, this creates many new design options! Help us help you and “Request a Design Review’’.

Marc andre 23f9688fdae2ff2afe6e7922a84981c6c6e3171bfab954d7b8e2e582dbcc42f9 Marc-Andre Kyer Application Engineer / Jul 27th, 2018

Designing industrial equipment, despite all the improvement in CAD software, still bring surprises when it’s time to transition from “3D design” to “physical assembly”


Dealing with non-compatible vendor parts, variation from custom part manufacturing, and commissioning of integrated systems never tested before, are some of the items that too often, caused delay in the design-to-build workflow.


To minimize those “surprises”, we created “Design Review”, a simple tool enabling users of the Vention platform to connect with our application engineering team in order to “stress test” their design with another pair of qualified eyes. The Vention application engineering team has completed hundreds of new assemblies, design review, and reliability testing on an array of Vention-based mechanisms. They can provide valuable design insights, tips and tricks on several design topics ranging from design best practices to cost optimization.


This is how the feature works, simply go to “My Assemblies” under your user profile. When hovering over a design card, simply click on “Design Review”. Then, fill the design review form with the proper information. One of our application engineers will then contact you in less than 3 hours to schedule a review session.



During the review session, we will ensure that we properly understand your intended use cases and then, will share ideas to improve your design. This service is free to use. It’s part of our commitment to make the design and build of your Vention equipment as simple as it can be.


When conducting a design review, the first thing we do is to inspect the designed assembly to ensure that it can be commissioned as designed. While we look for missing or duplicates parts, we may also suggest you better, stronger, and/or more cost-effective alternatives. We play with these industrial LEGO part every day, so we have a good recognition of alternative ways to accomplish the same design intent.






For example, we recently helped a user reduce the cost of a robot workstation by almost $900, mostly through part permutation and minimal redesign, all of which was done in a design review lasting approximately 30 minutes.


Interested in learning what we can do for your design? Go ahead and try the Design Review feature!

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