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Hardware for Robots

Vention has an array of modular components for robots.

Rackmultipart20181106 4 ed7kmb Patrick Halde VP Business Development / Jul 9th, 2018

During the first 3 months of 2018, over 10,000 robots were shipped in North America alone - a 22% growth over the same period last year. Robots, and more specifically cobots, are proliferating in new industries at an accelerated pace, and most industry experts agree that the industrial landscape will look radically different by 2020.


Therefore, in recent weeks, Vention significantly expanded its modular components for robots. With a simple click, all of our 300+ public assemblies can now be made compatible with 10+ robot models.





Many of our clients are using Vention equipment for robots and automation projects - from simple pedestals and workstations to 7th axes and palletizers. The ability to easily customize equipment to your specific needs combined with rapid delivery and competitive pricing makes Vention the go-to option for deploying cobots and small industrial robots.


Browse our list of public assemblies for robots to explore example designs and find the right one for you. Can't find it? Our Application Engineers are available to assist you. Simply write to them at


Don't see the robot compatible part you need? Get in touch with us at and we will be happy to explore how we can help accelerate your robot commissioning.

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