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Speed Up Your Safety Project with Vention’s Modular Parts

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Speed Up Your Safety Project with Vention’s Modular Parts

It’s now easier than ever to design and deploy various safety projects on the production floor. Fueled by user requests, we have started to expand Vention’s modular part library to include safety components for machine guards, safety perimeters and enclosures.

Recently added parts include very large welded steel panels, ST-SE-003-0001, along with their mounting brackets, ST-SE-002-0003, that attach to any Vention extrusions. These brackets have a cylindrical pin so that the doors can rotate or be positioned at any angle. The fully assembled steel panel can be mounted directly into the ground using floor anchor ST-SE-001-0003.


Safety EnclosureFigure 1. A safety perimeter and enclosure used for a grinding operation with a Universal Robots UR10.


Safety Enclosure 2

Figure 2. A robot cell for a Fanuc SR-3iA.


Interestingly, we see many users integrate the guarding directly as part of their robotic cell structure. Those designs tend to favor cut-to-size polycarbonate panels. This allows for full flexibility over size and shape, as well as being able to choose from a wide range of different materials. We have even seen designers select different materials for each side of their cell, based on the distance between the actual hazard and the safety perimeter.

If you are interested in seeing real-life examples of Vention safety perimeters and enclosures, you can browse the public library here.


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