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Designing the Right Pedestal for Your Collaborative Robots

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Designing the Right Pedestal for Your Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are making strong inroads on manufacturing floors all across the globe. Everyday at Vention, we hear about new use cases for cobots, most of which require custom equipment to adapt to their respective environments. Whether it's part presentation fixtures, pedestals or complete robotic cells, we have helped hundreds and hundreds of users design the equipment they need to get the most out of their cobot investment.

One of the most frequent pieces of equipment for which we provide design assistance to customers is robot pedestals. In their simplest form, cobot pedestals could be trivial to design. However, a more attentive look reveals some complexity that cannot be ignored.

Below is the list of our top eight design considerations when helping clients with their cobot pedestal.

8 Design Considerations for Collaborative Robot Pedestals

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