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CAD|Madness 2018: A Recap

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CAD|Madness 2018: A Recap

Vention sponsored McGill’s 2018 CAD|Madness event, organized by the Association of Mechanical Engineers. The competition took place last weekend on January 27th-28th at McGill University’s campus, where 10 teams competed in a mechanical design competition for 36 hours.

As main sponsor, we got to choose the design challenge. We looked no further for inspiration then where our headquarters are located: a typical Montreal neighbourhood where green areas are limited. A great way to overcome the negative impacts of urban densification can be to create rooftop gardens. The challenge was then to design a garden robot to take care of the crops and minimize -or remove- human intervention. The basic requirements included:

  • 1.5m x 6m area;
  • Compatibility with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce;
  • Costs less than then 4000USD;
  • Activities: plant seed, remove weed, irrigate, measure soil moisture, pick vegetables, etc.;
  • Corrosion resistant and can operate in between 5C and 40C.

Two of Vention’s team members introduced the competition to the participants and were invited as guest judges for the team’s final presentations on the last day. Both were really impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of the designs. From multi-purpose end effectors to highly efficient camera vision systems, it was a definitive showcase a true automation integration.

Congratulations to Ali, Antoine, Revor and Ella from Team 1 for your victory. Your irrigation system and 3-axis robot featured simple yet strong and reliable components. We were also impressed by the integration of your 2-motor gripper, and of course by your unique vision system.

Winning Designs:

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