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Vention's 2019 Product Highlights'

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Jan 7th, 2020

The team here at Vention has worked tirelessly to improve our products all year long—and what a year it has been. We wanted to take a moment to review the year’s highlights regarding new products, features and improvements to the Vention platform.

Automation simplified

This was a flagship year for Vention’s automation systems with significant improvements to our plug-and-play ecosystem, MachineMotion.

Vention 2019 product recap automation

Machine Pendant

Brand new this year was Vention’s MachineMotion Pendant. Integrating seamlessly with the rest of the MachineMotion plug-and-play ecosystem, the Pendant adds a touchscreen interface for automated equipment. Now you can program, control, and monitor your machine through our intuitive code-free user interface—MachineLogic—directly on your shop floor.
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Also new this year was Vention’s MachineLogic, a code-free programming environment available in the cloud CAD (MachineBuilder) and on the MachineMotion Pendant. It has never been this easy to design, program, and commission an automated machine from your browser and onto your shop floor. Learn more.

In CAD Simulation

To improve on MachineLogic’s easy-to-use in CAD interface, we added the ability to simulate programming, empowering designers to fully test and validate automated equipment before commissioning. Learn more.

Cloud CAD Design

Our team is constantly working to improve accessibility, ease of use, and performance of the MachineBuilder browser-based 3D design tool, and 2019 was no exception.

Vention 2019 product recap CAD

Parts Menu and Part Recommendation Engine

We updated our Parts Menu on MachineBuilder to help you find the part you need faster than ever. Now you can browse for the right part by simply clicking a category icon or using the newly added search bar. You can also browse the compatible and “most likely next” parts that show up to the right of the selected part window, as driven by our ever-evolving predictive algorithm. Learn more.

Navigation Compass

Our redesigned in-context menu, the compass, puts the next action conveniently at your fingertips while you design in MachineBuilder. Easily toggle through insertion options, or between degrees of freedom sliders. Learn more.

Tree View, Revision Menu and Insert Components

Manage your design project with ease using the updated Design Tree and Revision menus. Both provide the ability to search and rename versions/parts as required. You can also quickly and easily design your manufacturing floor with the insert component feature, which lets you insert any of your designs (or any public design) into the design you’re working on.

Custom connectors and point-to-point connection

For more advanced control, you now have the ability to add single-instance universal connectors to parts in the Vention library and to explicitly connect to those connectors using the point-to-point connection feature.

Partner and environmental models

Our part library menu now features preloaded environmental models as well as models from our partners. This lets you quickly and easily add the other components of your project to the design space in order to best plan your Vention equipment integration.

Modular hardware ecosystem

Vention’s “Lego for grown-ups” library of parts is growing by the week. We added some critical hardware this year, mostly focused on expanding the automation applications for our plug-and-play system. This year we increased the number of parts from 250 to over 540.

Vention 2019 product recap hardware


Vention’s new pneumatic lineup, powered by SMC, delivers a modular set of components fully integrated with Vention’s digital engineering platform. You can easily connect the pneumatic valves to Vention’s MachineMotion controller through our digital IO module. Learn more.

Rack and Pinion

Our new Rack and Pinion assembly bridges the gap between the timing belt actuator and ball screw, enabling faster travel speeds, heavier-duty applications, and the addition of compact multi-axis machines. Learn more.


We’ve added our first Rotary Actuator to complement our rapidly growing product lineup. This actuator packs a punch hefty enough to meet all your rotational needs, powering everything from rotating inspection jigs to turntables that feed multiple conveyor lines. Learn more.

Hydraulic lifts

We've recently added hydraulic lifts, powered by Bucher Hydraulics, to our parts library. These lifts are easy to implement and accommodate a wide range of loads, allowing for more ergonomic and lower-risk workstations. Learn more.

Other Highlights

Vention 2019 product recap My Team

My Team dashboard

The highly requested team dashboard, released this year, is a space where teams can collaborate privately on the Vention platform, see where their design sits in the product design lifecycle, and view the team activity feed. The dashboard also shows you the last designs you worked on, recent orders, and tutorials you may not have tried. Learn more.

Assembly instructions and videos

New assembly drawings now come with each Vention design to ensure a smooth assembly process. These auto-generated subassembly drawings break down larger assemblies into sub-assemblies, so you can put them together more easily. For each subassembly, you will see a list of parts and associated fasteners.

We have also created a series of tutorial videos. Watch them for our top tips on how to assemble, and find specific support for special parts like linear motion systems and pneumatics. Learn more.

Robot Cell Integration Kit and robot reach study

Vention’s Robot Cell Integration Kit, a plug-and-play solution that unites your UR cobot and one or multiple piece(s) of Vention-automated equipment through the UR pendant. By integrating our MachineMotion controller with this latest URCap, you can now control up to three drives/actuators in parallel—including ball-screw actuators, belt-driven actuators, rack-and-pinion actuators, and rotational indexers.Learn more.

In addition, you can now conduct a robot reach study right in the browser-based 3D design platform by manipulating the robot’s axes. Simply click on each component, or reposition the entire robot arm by selecting the green dot and dragging. Learn more.

Wondering what we’re working on for 2020? We have even more new features and modular parts planned for the new year, some of which will launch as early as January. Stay tuned!

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