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Vention graduates from Creative Destruction Lab

Vention has been so lucky to participate in the Creative Destruction Lab this year and is very proud to have graduated this week.

CDL was designed to "help innovators transition from science-based projects to high-growth companies".

It works by pairing start-ups with experienced technology entrepreneurs and investors in a unique setting that is laser-focused on designing a series of objectives with measurable deliverables.

This 9-month intensive program is specifically for early-stage, science-based technology companies and focuses on objectives-based mentoring.

"This was my time each month to be challenged and to take a step back to think about strategy" says founder and CEO Etienne on his experience.

The amazing team of advisors provided great advice, support, encouragement and tough love throughout the process

A big thank-you from the Vention Team to Michael Hyatt, Sally Daub, Tomi Poutanen and everyone at Creative Destruction Lab!

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