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My Team: Design Collaboration for the Manufacturing Floor

Introducing Vention’s MyTeam feature

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / Mar 5th, 2019

This week we officially released the MyTeam feature, which helps you set up project teams with your colleagues.

Vention teams now benefit from the following:

  • Easily collaborate on new equipment design, from idea to design review to final assembly
  • Instantly share designs across departments and manufacturing plants with no files to transfer.
  • Assign specific roles to team members, such as design reviewer, procurement agent, and mechanical assembler
  • Maintain a full history of your equipment design, even if some members join or leave the team
  • Search your design archives to re-use designs in future projects

Ready to set up your team? Keep reading to find out how.

Create a team on Vention

Step 1: Create a new team

To set up a new team, log in to your profile, navigate to Home in the sidebar, and select Create a Team. A team settings window will open. Here you can give your new team a name, upload an image, and add a description.

When a new user logs in from your organization, Vention will automatically suggest teams for them to join. Only the admin on your team can accept user requests to join your team.

Create a team on Vention

Step 2: Invite colleagues

Select Invite Members and enter your teammates’ email addresses. Any members of your team can invite additional colleagues, but those request must be approved by your team admin.

Inviting colleagues to Vention My Team

Step 3: Share Designs with Your Team

When inviting members on your Team, they will automatically have read-only access to designs with privacy settings set to “My Team”. To change the privacy settings of a design, click on the pencil icon that appear on each design card and navigate to the Visibility tab.

Vention My Team Settings

Step 4: Collaborate

To provide read-write access to your team members, you must individually add them as collaborators to specific designs. Design collaborators, can modify the design, create design versions, add comments, and invite other collaborators. As collaborators work on the design, all modifications are tracked and can be easily retrieved in the design history.

Collaborating on Vention's cloud platform

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