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Pre-Beta Launch Announcement for Vention Site

Pre-Beta Launch Announcement for Vention Site

Earlier today we launched the pre-beta site for, enabling engineers and designers alike to develop and manufacture custom industrial equipment 5X faster.

Vention's users are now one step closer from being able to design, order and assemble industrial equipment in a single hardware and software environment, significantly shrinking time to market for those equipment. Vention 1st release enables users to:

  • Browse through an array of industrial-grade modular parts
  • Experiment with several custom industrial equipment designs already available on the Vention platform
  • Apply for the Vention beta program that will start early 2017
  • Access Vention technical documentation

This 1st release was an integral part of our master plan to create the World's Hardware Platform for custom industrial equipment, ranging from motionless to fully-automated machines and prototypes. Our team is already working on our Betand release scheduled for Q1 2017. This next version will bring a stunning amount of new features, such as:

  • Introduction of Vention's cloud-based CAD assembler
  • Collaborative design features
  • Transactional capabilities
Vention First Release

Thanks to the entire team who made this 1st release possible:

  • Software: Max, Jimmy, Jayesh, Jon
  • Hardware: Samuel
  • UX/Creative: Hendrik, Jean-Philippe
  • Biz: Etienne, Rob, Jean-Marc
  • Other: Kate

Please email with any feedback and visit for more information


Etienne Lacroix , Founder & CEO

For more information, please contact Vention at
4030 Rue St-Ambroise, Suite 154,
Montreal, (QC), Canada, H4C 2C7

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