Become a Vention Hardware Partner

Join one of the fastest growing modular hardware platforms, fueling the rapid development of industrial equipment and prototypes

By becoming a Vention hardware partner, you will gain access to Vention’s product team, helping you select the components to integrate and promote on the Vention’s platform. Vention's onboarding process takes approximately 10 to 15 weeks covering 5 simple steps:

  • Partnership compatibility assessment
  • Review of part portfolio and selection of components
  • Agreement of supply terms and conditions
  • Development of a promotion roadmap
  • Logistic integration and 1st order

Vention is actively expanding its modular hardware offering in the following categories:

  • Motion components:
    Servo-motors, servo-actuators, wheels, belt and pulley, etc.
  • Control and electrical components:
    Controllers, man-machine interfaces, sensors
  • Hardware components:
    Tooling hardware