Agile Manufacturing

You are trying to launch a new product, but missing manufacturing equipment is preventing you from launching on time and keeping up with your ramp-up schedule.

Stay on track by using Vention to design and build your own manufacturing equipment.

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Agile Manufacturing

Create manufacturing equipment in record breaking time

Save precious time and cost

Save precious time and costs
by selecting vendor parts, designing,
and ordering your custom manufacturing equipment in a single and powerful browser-based environment.

Access public designs

Use Vention's ever growing library
of designs
to jump-start or inspire your own custom design.

Get your equipment delivered next day for assembly

Get your equipment shipped
the next day, ready for you to assemble.

Reconfigure your equipment indefinitely

Drive countinuous improvement
by reconfiguring your designed equipment
according to new workflow demands.

Design, Order, Assemble

A single hardware and software environment to select parts, design, order, and assemble industrial equipment and prototypes

Material handling

Ground support equipment

Design your machine today. Get it shipped tomorrow

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